Unlike many of the package tours available in Bali, we provide customers with a unique opportunity to see areas of Bali and surrounding islands off the beaten track and away from areas of heavy tourism.
Our tours are available with English, German or Indonesian speaking tour leaders to make your adventure as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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Sumatra Island

Biking through Way Kambas National Park
passing wild Sumatran Elephants

Interest at a young age

First Jeep together with his sisters
Jorini Loemakeki and Jorina F. Loemakeki

Companion and Wife

Mrs. Dra Kurtatik

Our first Landrover

A classic long chassis
Year 1974-76


First visit to the capital town together
with the parents n sister

Mountain Biking

Infront of the amazing volcano Mt. Kerinci with the summit of 3.940m. above sea level

Honored by Sukarno

Mr Yunsar's father cycled around the globe through 45 countries in 4 years

Custom Adventure Tour

Breakfast setup in Baluran National Park, East Java Island


All Clipper Discovery Tours have been specifically designed to allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia with the utmost care taken to insure your safely. All tours are lead by guides with emergency first aid training and supplied with all necessary emergency equipment.

Padar Island

Snorkeling with Manta Rays

Mt. Rinjani

Volcano hiking in Lombok Island with son, Aaron


As an engineering student

Manggroves of Komodo

Leading a group of divers for a unique experience

Hot Spring in Sumatra

A perfect boiled eggs after 2 minutes.

Mt. Krakatau

As a cruise director for the P&O Cruises

Custom Adventure Tour

Mountain biking through Komodo Island

Hiline Jeep Armada

All fully licensed and all can carry 5 mountain bikes at the rear

Volcano Hiking

Summit of Mt. Rinjani, Lombok Island


Sacred temple ceremony in the outskirt village town near Jatiluwih

Komodo Island

Komodo National Park - A world heritage site

Mountain biking

Crossing the Equator line in Sumatra Island together with his senior guide

4WD Off-road Jeep

Wildlife and bird watching out of the half open Jeep

Custom Adventure Tour

Our first Daihatsu Hiline Jeep following a path down the river in South East Java Island


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Mountain Biking

One of Mr. Yunsar's outdoor hobby

Custom Adventure Tour

Wildlife watching through the Savanna of Baluran National Park in East Java Island